Installation of Generic JSON Import Plugin

Hello again. The instructions for installing the Generic JSON Import plugin seem to me to be incomplete. I repeatedly get the error: 2020-10-29 15:40:34:965: /uii/process_new1.xhtml @97,95 <ui:include src="#{ProzesskopieForm.pluginGui}"> Invalid path : /uii/jsonOpacPlugin.xhtml

I might have solved it by doing the following, but perhaps I’m making more trouble for myself?

cp /tmp/install/goobi-plugin-opac-json/goobi-plugin-opac-json/src/main/resources/GUI/META-INF/resources/uii/jsonOpacPlugin.xhtml /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/goobi/uii/

chown tomcat8. /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/goobi/uii/jsonOpacPlugin.xhtml

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You are right. We just recently updated that plugin. I have an updated documentation already in my inbox to be published this month still. Stay tuned. I will try tomorrow to update it, ok? :slight_smile:

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Hey Stephen,

you are really quite active and show us a lot of missing pieces. Don’t stop that. :slight_smile:

As promised we updated the documentation for this json plugin now. With a lot of help from @robert.sehr we updated the installation instructions and big new parts for authentication and several other areas. You can find the documentation still on the same place here:

Please let us know if you find any difficulty, ok?

All the best,


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Excellent, thank you, @steffen and @robert.sehr.

A couple of points about the updated Generic JSON Import guide:

  1. ‘The plugin consists of three files’ (not two).
  2. After following the Ubuntu 18.04 Workflow installation guide, there is no user tomcat, only tomcat8. (If that guide were updated to set up the user tomcat rather than tomcat8, there would also be greater consistency with the Ubuntu 20.04 Viewer installation guide).

Also, two paragraphs have not been translated to English. I suggest:

  1. The title attribute contains a unique name. The plugin to be used is determined by opacType, which in this case must be intranda_opac_json. The other fields are not required.
  2. The mapping of the JSON dataset to Goobi metadata is determined by the plugin_intranda_opac_json.xml file. The fields within the JSON dataset are referenced using JSONPath, the XPath equivalent for JSON.

And finally (mainly for my own reference to incorporate with other plugins when following the Ubuntu 18.04 Workflow guide), the required files are installed and configured with the following:

git clone
cd $SOURCEDIR/goobi-plugin-opac-json/goobi-plugin-opac-json
mvn package
cp $SOURCEDIR/goobi-plugin-opac-json/goobi-plugin-opac-json/module-main/target/plugin_intranda_opac_json.jar /opt/digiverso/goobi/plugins/opac/
chown tomcat8. /opt/digiverso/goobi/plugins/opac/plugin_intranda_opac_json.jar
cp $SOURCEDIR/goobi-plugin-opac-json/goobi-plugin-opac-json/module-gui/target/plugin_intranda_opac_json-GUI.jar /opt/digiverso/goobi/plugins/GUI/
chown tomcat8. /opt/digiverso/goobi/plugins/GUI/plugin_intranda_opac_json-GUI.jar
cp $SOURCEDIR/goobi-plugin-opac-json/goobi-plugin-opac-json/plugin_intranda_opac_json.xml /opt/digiverso/goobi/config/
chown tomcat8. /opt/digiverso/goobi/config/plugin_intranda_opac_json.xml

Best wishes,

Dear Stephen,

Thanks a lot for these comments. I updated the documentation as you suggest. Excellent work. :slight_smile:

Regarding the installation process we are going to make the plugins downloadable as compiled files quite soon. The installation will then be again easier as git clone and mvn package will not be needed anymore.

Thanks again and all the best,