Accounts of goobi users v/s accounts of unix users, all in /home


Since we in our institution use CAS login of Goobi, we need to use usernames in Goobi workflow that are the same as our usernames that we use for example as unix login and other things.

The users of Goobi workflow get a directory in /home on the server, just like we do for our ssh accounts. The username is the same.

Is there any risk that there will be problems using the same unix login home-dir as is used from Goobi workflow? Do you have any suggestions to change it?

And a question regarding my other forum question,

does the creation of the PDF file (print docket as PDF) save any temporary files in the home directory of the user?

Hope everyone is having a nice summer!

As the linux administrator and goobi user with the same username for both systems I experience issues e.g. when I want to apply to a workflow step in goobi and this step needs access to the filesystem.

We use separate authentification systems for goobi (ldap) and linux (local user). The mismatch was my mistake, when I configured linux, but I have my workarounds.

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