What should be in "Create new process" field "Identifier digital (a)"?


We just started testing Goobi workflow.
I made a simple JSON connection to the Swedish national catalogue Libris, and am testing creating a new process.

In the form for creating a new process of Publication type monograph there is the field “Identifier digital (a)”. My understanding of how to use the workflow is that it can be used to enter an item that is not yet digitized, to keep track of its digitization process.

What is meant go into that field? (I need to ask, because it’s mandatory. :grinning: .)

/ Maria


This is typically the main identifier that you used to request the catalogue before as well. It is Goobis main id for the mets file. But the title could be changed of course (e.g. to identifier). All this is configured inside of the config file goobi_projects.xml.

Do you need some more information? Then just ask. :grinning:

Best wishes


Thank you Steffen!
Knowing it is configurable makes it less important to know, we have a lot of planning and thinking ahead. :smiley:
/ Maria