Tomcat sends e-mail messages to root


This might not be Goobi-related, but I don’t know yet.

Our Goobi-server sends e-mail messages from “tomcat@server” to “root@server”. The messages are lost, so we can’t check the content.

Does anyone know what kind of messages they could be and how to configure where they are sent?

Have a great weekend! / Maria

Hi again,

These messages are not lost anymore, and I have a new question.

The following error message is sent as “Security information” from tomcat to root at the server.

[servername] : Oct 10 14:45:01 : tomcat : a password is required ; PWD=/var/lib/tomcat9 ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/chmod g+w /var/local/goobi-home/[username]/

Question: Why is the script running the commands as sudo, and how is it supposed to have sudo access?

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Follow up question:
what triggers the script
to be run?

You can read more abouthow to configure sudo for Goobi workflow in the installation instructions:

Thank you, got that part working now.

If you change the default home directory for users, the goobi sudoers file has to be changed too, of course.

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