Tiffwriter.conf question


I think I skipped a step on my installation. The iii.sh automated TIF generation script failed because of a missing “tiffwriter.conf” file that I can’t find reference to anywhere. Is that in a plugin I should have installed?


Hi @JohnConnor

nice to see you here! The tiffwriter.conf file is written, if you set the properties for “reading images” and “writing images” within a step. Even if you use the browser file upload you need this for the tiffwriter.conf. It is an old burden from the code…

There are multiple other ways how to change this, an unfinished and unpublished step plugin that writes the file, a script step that dumps the values in the correct format via variables into the file or or or… But the easiest way is to enable the two checkboxes…

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Jan :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jan! Good to be here.

I gave it another shot, wherein I checked “read images” and “write images” on both the “Upload images” and “Creation of TIFF header and derivative” steps before running these. Still no joy – is there something else I could be missing?

After changing the settings, you need to release and accept the task in this step again, to write the file. Did you do that?

Aha – thanks very much, that worked!

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