Solr Schema Extension failure

Hi. Having added some MetadataTypes to my ruleset.xml, I’ve been trying to configure my solr_indexconfig.xml so that the values assigned in a process will be added to the solr index.

I’ve used the XPATHs as generated for the process in its meta.xml, for example:


But none of my new metadata are added to the index. The solr console log looks like this:

It seems to be looking for a non-existent file called schema_extension_fields.xml, which sounds crucial. Any idea where I’ve gone wrong this time?

Thanks again for all your attention and help!


You can not use the same XPATH expressions from the ruleset within the Goobi viewer Indexer.

Please make sure, that you find the desired metadata encoded in the METS file that was exported from Goobi workflow.

You can find some examples for mods:extension mappings within the solr_indexerconfig.xml itself.

Please look at chapter 6.13 within the documentation. This explains an end-to-end scenario from the ruleset file until an indexed value:

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Thanks again, @jan. For the record, I now realise that I had failed to define a valid WriteXPath for each new metadatum in my ruleset.xml. :flushed:

All the best,

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