Solr Configuration

Hello again.

I have both Workflow and Viewer running on a single Ubuntu 18.04 server, based on the documented installation instructions. I can process documents on Workflow without any generated error messages, and appropriate .xml and _tif folders (with images) appear in /opt/digiverso/viewer/hotfolder/, but nothing is added to the Solr index. The goobi.log reports that the DMS-Export finishes, and reports no errors.

I tried adding exportWithoutTimeLimit=false and exportWithoutTimeLimit=true lines to, but the success and error_mets folders remained empty when I processed further documents. With exportWithoutTimeLimit=false, the workflow fails to complete, and a forced export via button on the Processes list causes the system to hang and timeout with a server error.

In /opt/digiverso/indexer/solr_indexerconfig.xml I spotted the following:


I typed the following in its place and restarted both the solrindexer.service and tomcat, but it didn’t help:


Any suggestions, please?

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do you have the indexer process running? Is the folder /opt/digiverso/viewer/hotfolder/ empty? If there is still data, then the indexer is not running.


Ah, yes, that’s the problem:

root@localhost:/# systemctl status solrindexer
● solrindexer.service - Goobi viewer - Indexer
   Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/solrindexer.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: inactive (dead)

root@localhost:/# systemctl start solrindexer
Failed to start solrindexer.service: Unit tomcat9.service not found.

The problem seems to come from the fact that the solrindexer.service bundled in was reconfigured in August for Ubuntu 20.04, rather than the 18.04 system I’m using. Can I just do a straight substitution from Release v4.8.2?

This is more a question for @jan or @andrey.kozhushkov. Sorry, I cannot help you here.

Answering my own question, yes, the straight substitution seems to have got it working. :slightly_smiling_face: But I’d be pleased for @jan or @andrey.kozhushkov’s thoughts in case there are other things I need to change too…

Thanks for your always swift and helpful responses!


Hi Stephen,

Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with systemd scripts, but there shouldn’t be any differences between Tomcat 8 and 9 versions.

If you’re having trouble with records not showing up in the viewer, please check /opt/digiverso/logs/indexer.log for any error messages, and also /opt/digiverso/viewer/hotfolder/, which is where the indexer looks for records to index. Files in that folder should disappear at a regular rate after an export from Goobi workflow.

You can also configure the indexer to send you emails if any ERROR level log messages appear (please consult the Gitbook documentation for details about configuring email notifications).

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Thank you, @andrey.kozhushkov. Yes, everything is now working correctly on tomcat8, using the solrindexer.service file copied from Release v4.8.2.

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