Reports(items with MetaData)

Hi all,

I’m new here and happy to become part of this community … :slight_smile:

I have an early introduction with Goobi workflow but no knowledge at all in Goobi viewer.

we would like to have a few reports to our items,
and metadata of the items should be included too.
in which product should we use - Goobi workflow or Goobi viewer?
There is a plugin in the Goobi workflow?
Does it come as out of the box in Goobi viewer?

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Elishai Cohen

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Hi Elishai, great to have you on the forums :wave::smiley:

what kind or reports do you have in mind? Could you clarify this a little bit?

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Hi Florian,

How are you?

We plan to use Goobi ( 2 components workflow and viewer as our core system)
So we need to export metadata from a specific search or for a specific collection,
To control which metadata fields will be exported
to be able to edit a query and to export the metadata of the results.

Yes. i saw that there is an option to export metadata for a specific item but I’m speaking on several items

i’m sure that we could think on more of options of usage because we will use Goobi as our core system. but I hope that it clarifies the issue

Please let me know what you think.

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Dear Elishai,

good to see you here too. Welcome here :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, there are several statistics plugins which might render your information as table or even as chart. But these mostly focus on workflow information (responsible user groups, throughput per time etc.). I understand that you are more interested in metadata content. But I guess that most of what you plan should be out-of-the-box-functionality of Goobi workflow as long as you are happy with tables that would be created as Excel files:

Below the process list there is an option to export the process information. And you can define there which fields shall be included in your export. Additionally to these listed fields there are more fields configurable. Can you please give me a short list of the specific information that you would like to see per process? I guess it would look a bit like this:

ID    |  Process title |  Metadata title  | Metadata publising year
1     |  abc_book_872  |  My first book   | 1983
2     |  def_book_194  |  My second book  | 1987
3     |  ghi_book_693  |  My third book   | 1981

This table would then be offered as Excel Download. And within the process list you can filter your hitlist as you like. This way you should be able to receive all your required information, right?

Is this what you are looking for and can you define which columns you would like to see there?

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Deae Steffen,

Happy to see you again.

Thank for your answer.

  • Do you mean that i will use the “export search result”- it’s a good option- please share with me how could i config it.

i thought thet it might be that one would like to search e.g. all manuscripts from 1750 to 1800 and exprot the metadata on this items - how could he do that?

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