Reports(items with MetaData)


Hi all,

I’m new here and happy to become part of this community … :slight_smile:

I have an early introduction with Goobi workflow but no knowledge at all in Goobi viewer.

we would like to have a few reports to our items,
and metadata of the items should be included too.
in which product should we use - Goobi workflow or Goobi viewer?
There is a plugin in the Goobi workflow?
Does it come as out of the box in Goobi viewer?

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Elishai Cohen


Hi Elishai, great to have you on the forums :wave::smiley:

what kind or reports do you have in mind? Could you clarify this a little bit?

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Hi Florian,

How are you?

We plan to use Goobi ( 2 components workflow and viewer as our core system)
So we need to export metadata from a specific search or for a specific collection,
To control which metadata fields will be exported
to be able to edit a query and to export the metadata of the results.

Yes. i saw that there is an option to export metadata for a specific item but I’m speaking on several items

i’m sure that we could think on more of options of usage because we will use Goobi as our core system. but I hope that it clarifies the issue

Please let me know what you think.

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