Plugin Intranda Workflow ExcelImport: No project found

Hi. I’m trying to import an excel file to create processes, using the Generic Import Plugin.

In plugin_intranda_workflow_excelimport.xml I have specified:

  • a collection that is listed in goobi_digitalCollections.xml.
  • a publicationType that is named as a DocStrctType in my ruleset.

I created a process template ‘Port_Book_Workflow’ which uses my ruleset and specifies a newly created project, and then restarted the tomcat server.

I can load an Excel file without any validation errors, and can select my process template. But when I click to [Create processes] I receive for each validated line of the file the error message ‘No project could be found for the process’, as shown below:

Can you please suggest what might be wrong, or what additional step I need to take?

Thanks and best wishes,

The documentation should be better here. I will adapt it.
This plugin expects projects to be there with specific names. It is quite specific for the so called Yerusha project so that it possibly is not a big help for your use case in your project. I will try to take a look at the sources tomorrow and let you know if it can be easily used for other projects as well. Or did the other excel import solve your use case already?


Thanks, @steffen. I did indeed conclude that the other excel import plugin will probably suit my purposes better, so I’m no longer looking at this one.