Opening goobi in an IDE


My name is patrick and i am from Rwanda-Africa. the reason that i am writting to you right now, is that i would like to know the following requirements to deploy ,run and Compile Goobi-3.0.0 from Git hub.

1.the IDE to use.

2.tomcat server version to use.

3.jdk to use.

4.other requirements needed.

For i been trying to do it by myself but it’s giving me so many errors.

I look forward to hear from you!

Hi Patrick,

do you wish to make changes to Goobi or just build and deploy it? If you just want to build and deploy it, no IDE is needed. All you need to build Goobi is a java 8 jdk and maven. You can look in the .travis.yml file to see how it works:

So you just have to clone Goobi from github, go into the Goobi folder and execute

mvn install

After that, you should find a goobi.war file in the target/ folder. You can then deploy this to a tomcat 8.5 server.

If you just want to try out Goobi, you can also use GoobiToGo which just needs a Java 8 JRE to run. It comes with an already compiled Goobi and a tomcat out of the box:

Best wishes,


i did appreciate your help very much.
i was able to deploy the app successfully but i am having an issue when i try to loggin.
it is giving me this type of an error.
"could not read database java.sql.SQLException: Cannot create JDBC driver of class ‘’ for connect URL ‘null’"
i look forward to hear from you.