New DocStrctType's with topStruct="true"

I’m a very new Goobi user (working with @ahl.nilsen ) and have a question regarding top-level document structure types: I want use the “Manuscript” docStrctType (or a custom-made one, for example for single-page questionnaires) as one of the options for the “Publication type” when creating a new process. I have found out that I need to modify the /config/goobi-opac.xml file to do so. However, whenever I want to finish a metadata-task, I’m thrown an error message (“Missing entry: null in null must exist only once, but it exists 0 times”). I am sure this has to do with the mapping of these document structure types, but I don’t know how this works exactly. Is there documentation on this? Thanks for any hints you might give me!

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