Looking for a consulting developer - goobi viewer

Hi There,

My name is Dieume, I am in Kigali, Rwanda. I am looking for a software engineer who can work with my company on a project that I have. It is a big digitization project involving the scanning of millions of pages, customization of viewer’s user interface, and integrating Goobi with a 3rd party application that sends and retrieves data from Goobi.
If you are interested to chat more feel free to reach out to me here or at dieume.hirwa@aegis.consulting.

Thank you.

Hi @Dieume,

wellcome here in the Goobi community board :tada:

Thanks for your question. We are interested and already in contact with @Clement_MUHIRE and Yves to clarify some outstanding issues. I guess it is the same project?

Best wishes and have a nice day,

Jan :slight_smile: