JSON import of authority data


We are using the plug-in for generic JSON import in order retrieve metadata for a big chunk of homogeneous documents into Goobi Workflow. We have successfully adapted the configuration file plugin_intranda_opac_json.xml for uncomplicated metadata.

However, we haven’t figured out how to import authority data yet.

Snippet from our JSON source:

Snippet from config file (imports the name of the place):

Snippet from config file (imports the URI of the place):

But how do we configure the import in order to retrieve both at once into UGH like this?

<goobi:metadata authority="kulturnav" authorityURI="https://kulturnav.org/" name="AssociatedPlace" valueURI="https://kulturnav.org/b673bba7-5cc2-4e36-b7d5-b78711c51341">Rakkestad</goobi:metadata>

Thanks for any help und frohes Fest!

Hi @robert.paulsen

I am not sure if importing authority data is implemented within that plugin. To be honest, i doubt that… But maybe my colleague @robert.sehr can give us a final answer.

All the best from

Jan :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, @jan

Would authority data import work better from XML? We could convert our JSON.

Or do you have any other suggestions?

@robert.sehr could you please jump in here. I have no clue … :sunglasses: