Is it possible to write in English here?


I am interested a lot in Goobi and I would like to be part of your community. Is it possible to communicate in English here too?

Thanks in advance and greetings,


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Hi Peter,

yes, it is totally fine to have English communication here too. Currently we simply handle all different topics in different languages within one category. If there will be a lot of English comments here then we will probably separate these by language. But for now please feel free to write in German, English or Spanish anytime. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Hey Peter,

English is fine for most of us too. Don’t hesitate to write in English here. We would be happy to support you and to involve you into our community.


Yes, Regina is right. Simply write in English if you like. No problem for us.

Oh, thank you all guys. This is great. Looking forward to have more contact with you all soon.

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