GoobiScript: deleteProcess

Hi. I’d like to be able to use the deleteProcess GoobiScript as described here, but it does not appear in my list of Possible Actions, nor can I see it in your demonstration screenshot:

Do my eyes need testing? :eyeglasses:

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Hi Stephen,

deleteProcess doesn’t appear in this list to prevent unintended harm.

Just type:

action:deleteProcess contentOnly:true

an start it.

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Cool - thanks, @bbfks!

Would it be possible/desirable to implement another switch on that script so that before (or instead of) the deletion of each process a file with the name pattern <Identifier>.delete is placed in the hotfolder (as described here), in order to action the deletion of already-exported records?

Hi Stephen,

This is an interesting idea. However I would prefer to see this independent of the deletion of objects out of Goobi workflow. So I would suggest to simply add a separate GoobiScript for creating a *.delete file for the Goobi viewer hotfolder. But I could put this a parameter for this script here as well. Are there other opinions about it?

@jan @oliver.paetzel @robert.sehr @andrey.kozhushkov … anyone? :slight_smile:

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I don’t really have an opinion here… But if it’s useful for someone, why not? A separate script would probably be better.