Goobi-plugin-import-excel image uploads and derivatives


I work at the University of Bergen Library, where we are experimenting with Goobi workflow for digitization for our special collections. Goobi workflow is already in use here for one of our projects, but I am rather new at Goobi workflow.

We have configured for moving image files/folder, and the plugin seems to work and the excel plugin finished the process greeen, but the next step after (script step for fails.

When debugging the shell script: I can see that the script step expects the files to be present in


but when I go to the file system I see that the files have been moved to the excel import (with no errors in log)

with also metadata present in /tmp

Is there a missing step/validation which should be added between the processes, or any other reasons for this?

The goobi workflow version and matching plugin is a bit outdated (21.11.5).

Thanks for any insights!