Does the Goobi viewer support IIIF too?


I am wondering if the Goobi viewer supports the IIIF APIs. Do you support these already? And if so, which API are supported currently?


Hi Peter,

I think @jan can answer in detail to you. But one small answer from my side quickly: Yes, the Goobi viewer does support IIIF at least for the image API and for the presentation API.

@jan Can you jump in here?


Hi Peter,

as @steffen mentioned already does the Goobi viewer support the IIIF Image API and the IIIF Presentation API. We use the image API internally for the image display and generate the IIIF Presentation Manifests for external use. It doesn’t matter if your Goobi viewer instance displays METS/MODS, LIDO or TEI documents, IIIF Presentation Manifests are generated independent of the source formats. Our structure is quite easy so if you ingest for example EAD or DenkxWeb files, we generate the Manifests from it, too.

We are currently evaluating the need for the IIIF Search and IIIF Authentication API.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask,

Jan :slight_smile: