Does goobi-plugin-step-createfullpdf also add page structure


I have installed goobi-plugin-step-createfullpdf.

It creates a PDF with metadata for title and author. But there is no page structure data.

Is it supposed to have pagination and page structure data that has been added in the metadata editor?

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Hi, I have found out how to do it now, and this and my linked question can be closed.

Would you mind sharing the solution as I have. similar question.

Hi j,
The biggest problem I had was that I had not been creating the page structure information in the correct way in the Metadata editor.

The other detail was that it was necessary to create the full PDF first, as it seems to me. That can be set in the “plugin_intranda_step_createfullpdf.xml” config file.

After changing the config, and running the createfullpdf plugin, I noticed that the PDF finally had title and author in the document properties, but no structural data.

After doing the structural metadata correctly, the PDF got the “bookmarks” I wanted. (Like “cover page”, “folio” or similar.)

You can contact me directly if you want to ask further questions.

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