Customizing Rulesets?

I’m a novice to Goobi, sorry if I’m asking noob questions.
We are currently setting up a small demo archiving project in our small company. I’m in charge of setting up Goobi workflow, so I have to customize Goobi according to our project needs and documents we want to archive.

I want to change the Metadata fields for a process.
I wanted to add screenshot but community rules state that new users are not allowed to post images, so i’m using imgr links
on this image, you see that in order to create a process these metadata (Authors, Publication Place, Publication year, etc) field have to be filled,

My question is:
what if I want to add other metadata fields, or remove some I don’t need, like removing author for example (because documents we want to archive don’t have authors).

If I have understood the documentation correctly, it said that you need to work with Rulesets to structure elements and metadata.
The rulesets are written in XML format, the documentation state that it will detail how to create yourself new rulesets,


but I can’t find anywhere in the rest of the documentation stating how to create and customize rulesets.

Am I in the right direction?

If I want to add other fields on metadata do I need to edit ruleset XML files only? or there are other customizations needed on other configuration files?

If there are some resources that teach how to deal with rulesets and other configuration, share them with me, even if they are written in German I’ll try to translate.

Any help will be appreciated,

Hi, i have a query about the version of Goobi you`ve used. Is it “Goobi to Go” ?

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No! it is docker version.
I can even try to install Goobi workflow normally if it’s suitable way. (it’s that i use docker way to speed up the installation process)

For my first tries in configuring Goobi i used Goobi2Go ( ). It is quite easy to install and includes a ruleset. So it is a bit easier to handle for first steps i think.

You need to make some changes in the goobi_projects.xml; goobi_opac and goobi_metadataDisplayRules ., At all, take a look at the /goobi/config/ directory .

Can you tell me, what type metadata-fields are needed?

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Sorry for a delayed reply, I switched to Goobi-to-Go and played with all the configuration files you said to make sure I’m on the same page as you.

The needed additional metadata-fields are, let’s say new_metadata1 and new_metada2.
Do I need to define my new publication type to use my new metadata fields? or should I edit the existed ones (monograph, periodical, Multivolume)

Also, there are still more unclear configurations in some files you mentioned.
For example, by adding my publication type in goobi_opac.xml. What do these configurations names mean: rulesetType, tifHeaderType, rulesetChildType and ?

Then, How about ruleset.xml?
Do I need to define there my new metadata fields (new_metadata1, new_metadata2).
Will I also need to make some changes there to define my new publication type?

Sorry for doubtful questions
(Maybe, I’m approaching this in the wrong way. If Yes, what’s the best practice way?)