Can't login after deploying goobi.war in tomcat 8


i can’t login instead i am getting this error " java.sql.SQLException: Can not create JDBC driver of class ‘’ for connect url 'null’

can someone help me please!


Hi @genesis-1,

you need to configure the Goobi #workflow workflow -> MySQL/MariaDB connection in the Tomcat. We are currently working on a public documentation for this and plan to publish it in the next months.

In the meantime please look at the following URL:

It is German speaking and describes how to set up the Goobi #viewer development environment. There is a XML snippet from the context.xml that configures the connection. You need to adopt the following attributes:

  • name="" -> goobi
  • driverClassName="" -> com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  • url="" -> YOUR_DATABASE_NAME
  • username="" -> 'YOUR_DATABASE_USERNAME

You need a SQL database structure, too. I found this old dump on my system, there are some German artifacts inside but it should enable you to login and continue from there:

Hope to help,

Jan :slight_smile: