Can't login after deploying goobi.war in tomcat 8

i can’t login instead i am getting this error " java.sql.SQLException: Can not create JDBC driver of class ‘’ for connect url 'null’

can someone help me please!

Hi @genesis-1,

you need to configure the Goobi #workflow workflow -> MySQL/MariaDB connection in the Tomcat. We are currently working on a public documentation for this and plan to publish it in the next months.

In the meantime please look at the following URL:

It is German speaking and describes how to set up the Goobi #viewer development environment. There is a XML snippet from the context.xml that configures the connection. You need to adopt the following attributes:

  • name="" -> goobi
  • driverClassName="" -> com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  • url="" -> YOUR_DATABASE_NAME
  • username="" -> 'YOUR_DATABASE_USERNAME

You need a SQL database structure, too. I found this old dump on my system, there are some German artifacts inside but it should enable you to login and continue from there:

Hope to help,

Jan :slight_smile:


I’m evaluating Goobi workflow for use it on my digitalisation projects. Following your instructions, I cannot login on the system. After using your SQL structure, some errors on benutzer table are shown, because it seems that new columns had been added.

Is there any new SQL schema to use? If not, how the schema can be created?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Roberto

How did you start to install your Goobi? Based on which description? I guess that starting with Goobi-to-go might be the easiest way to spin up an entire system incl. good demo data to see it in action. Would this be an option for you?

And as an alternative we just recently published a docker image. But this is still without demo data, just a clean system without any additional plugins. Would this help you maybe?

Please let me know a bit more details so that we can help you better.