Rulesets: metadata attributes

Hi. I’m trying to understand the structure of rulesets, and cannot find the reference document mentioned in

Specifically, I’d like to know the significance of the DefaultDisplay attribute, and of the different values I’ve seen for the num attribute (’*’, ‘+’, or ‘1o’).

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this is, what is meant there:

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Excellent, thank you, @steffen. Could you perhaps make a hyperlink from the Workflow documentation, and/or conflate the words ‘Rule’ and ‘sets’ somewhere in the UGH Library Documentation? At the moment a search for ‘Rulesets’ does not find the document.

… and it could be useful to mention in the UGH documentation that validation is executed according to any regex incorporated within a <validationExpression> tag in MetadataType definition. For example:

>   <MetadataType>
>     <Name>DocLanguage</Name>
>     <language name="de">Sprache</language>
>     <language name="en">Language</language>
>     <language name="es">Idioma</language>
>     <validationExpression>[a-z]{3}</validationExpression>
>   </MetadataType>

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I change both things now in the documentation. Here you can see the new link to the UGH docs:

And here you can see that we worked at several parts of the description for metadata types which include now corporate bodies and the validation rules as well:

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