Installation Guide: Ubuntu Linux 20.04

Hi. I spotted what I think is a mistake in the guide, at line 2 of #goobi-viewer, where the target directory should be /opt/digiverso/indexer, not /opt/digiverso/indexer/solrIndexer.jar.

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Hi Stephen,

are you referring to the following line?

mv -t /opt/digiverso/indexer/solrIndexer.jar $install/goobi-viewer-indexer/goobi-viewer-indexer/target/solr-Indexer.jar

Please note, that this is renaming the file from solr-Indexer.jar to solrIndexer.jar, too.

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Jan :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I was, and so it does - thanks, I didn’t spot that!

Actually I was adapting the instructions to install on Ubuntu 18.04, and it seemed that removing the destination filename was the only way to execute the command successfully: perhaps 20.04 doesn’t object to the -t switch used with a filename rather than a directory name?

I think the command should be:

mv $install/goobi-viewer-indexer/goobi-viewer-indexer/target/solr-Indexer.jar /opt/digiverso/indexer/solrIndexer.jar

The compiled artifact was called solrIndexer.jar before, that’s why the installation instructions used the -t parameter. Then the name of the artifact was changed and we needed to rename the file, too. I simply changed the name and added the second one at the destination but it really doesn’t make sense that way. I’ll change the installation instructions later :slight_smile:

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FYI: I updated the command in the installation instructions.

Have a nice weekend later and stay healthy!

Jan :slight_smile:

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