Import records to Goobi Viewer

I was looking on the possibility to import records directly to Goobi viewer without starting from Goobi workflow. Is this possible at the current version? if yes, what are the procedures to achieve this?

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Hi @hemed

please see chapter 2.7 of the Goobi viewer Indexer documentation for this question:

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Jan :slight_smile:

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That’s quite asy. We prepare and import files from several workflows without goobi.workflow:

  • Prepare some METS/MODS, LIDO or TEI files.
  • Put your images in the directory beside
  • Copy them to /MYVIEWERPATH/viewer/hotfolder
  • Wait a few seconds and see what happens. (some files should disappear)

if nothing seems to happen:

  • Login into your viewer and check wether your documents are visible.
  • Check your log-fils
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Thank you for that @jan. I saw this documentation before and misunderstood the term “Indexing”. I thought this means only getting the records to the Solr index.

Thanks for the procedures, @bbfks! Do you then have a script that convert the metadata from other forms (e.g Excel) to METS/MODS?

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Well, you could use Goobi #workflow for this :stuck_out_tongue:

You could use the mass import functionallity using the following plugin:

The workflow could be 100% automatic, so simply uploading the Excel file would start it and do everything else you desire automatically (for example copy images, generate derivatives, OCR, generate identifiers, generate METS/MODS, export…)


Jan :slight_smile:


Just to answer your question: yes, I write my own scripts. But it is necesary, if the metadata is delivered in strange files with no standardized formats aso.

I guess, you should look at Jan’s plugin. That’s the documented method, and if you stuck anywhere you can get help here in this community.