Error message when indexing hotfolder: 'PI not found'


I am trying to get a working connection between my workflow and viewer servers. Before I dig into the NFS-configuration, I wanted to test that indexing in the viewer worked. So I have created and finished a process on my workflow server, and then manually copied the .xml file into the hotfolder on the viewer server. The indexer runs for a couple of seconds and moves the file from the hotfolder to the error_mets, where it says in the .log file: ‘PI not found’. Does anybody know what PI refers to? Is it a project ID from workflow or something? Does it happen because I am testing it in a funky way?


Update: I manually created a new record from within the viewer, and there I see from the documentation that

The only mandatory metadata is the title.

Which leads me to believe that PI stands for process identifier? Do I need to specify a mapping between my mets metadata from the workflow, to the metadata mapping in the viewer?

Hi Ahl,

PI means “persistent identifier” in the Goobi viewer context (which usually contains the value of CatalogIDDigital from workflow). The value of PI must be unique for every record in the viewer (unlike in workflow, where the process ID is unique).

Did you take the meta.xml file from the process folder and dropped it into /hotfolder? meta.xml stores its metadata in Goobi’s own format, which is incompatible with the indexer. You need to use the export functionality to create METS/MODS files.

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@ahl.nilsen WHERE did we write that in the documentation? :sunglasses:

@jan - I should’ve specified that from the beginning, I got that from the ‘New Record’ page:

Hi Andrey, Thank you for your reply! Your suspicions were true - thats exactly what I did. Just now I created a new process and got the xml from the /hotfolder on the workflow server, not from /metadata. That worked like a charm :slight_smile: Thanks!

@ahl.nilsen Thanks. I clarified this more in the documentation. It says now:

The only mandatory metadata in the form on this page is the title.

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