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We would like to retrive authority data (for Persons and Places) from external service using REST/search API, similar to what DanteSearch is doing. This means users will get popup box /or auto-complete and then, after selection, the form will be updated with the metadata from the authority.

I was wondering whether this can be done using Plugin architecture in Goobi? Can you please advise on how to go about?

Thank you very much.

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Dear Hemed,

welcome to the community. Developing such a functionality is possible of course. However I think this is not really extendable via plugins if I remember right. So I see just two ways here:

a) develop it into the core of the metadata editor as one additional authority source beside, dante, viaf, geonames, easydb and GND.

b) develop this functinality as a separate step plugin that brings its own user interface, shows maybe some of the metadata fields and allows to request your authority from there.

I guess a) is a bit complex as the metadata editor is one of the most complex (aka dirty) parts of Goobi workflow. This might be a bit to difficult for a first development on Goobi at all. So I would go for b) if I were you. A good starting point for such a plugin could be this one here as reference:

It does show metadata from the METS file and allows to update information there as well. This could be handy to look how typical things are done.

Another good sample which is a lot easier would be this one:

Let me know if this helps you, ok?

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Hi Steffen,

Thank you for the clarification, I will look further into these alternatives. I agree that the alternative B is much cleaner. However, If we go for alternativ A, can we then contribute back so that the changes are integrated into the core Goobi codebase?

Also, based on your experience, what is the best way to test the changes when developing? Is it using Docker or running the whole workflow codebase from the IDE?

Thanks for your help.



if you develop this as part of the Goobi core and it is really working and tested then we will let it be part of the following monthly release.

Regarding the development we are doing this all using eclipse. And this would be our preferred way in case you have questions later on. :slight_smile:

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Hi again Steffen,

Thank you for the information. I have been trying out the authority search to see how it works in the metadata editor but what I see so far, only GND and Viaf are active in the Person form (see screenshot attached). I was wondering how do I activate others, e.g dante?

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Hi Hemed,

this is what you are looking for:



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