Adding custom metadata - translations

Yeah, we would have to do some tricks to avoid overwriting. But! I think I found the solution. We only copied to our local folder. So I tried to also copy in the to our local folder. After a tomcat restart, the proper english messages showed. When I subsequently removed the file and restarted tomcat, the english messages disappeared again. In order to check if the bug(?) was dependent upon the number of messages_*.properties files present in the local folder, I tried to run it with only and but this didn’t work. So my conclusion is that the file must be present in the local config folder.


Good catch!

If you use the reference theme, the German locale is configured as default locale, see:

Anyway, my colleague @oliver.paetzel suggested yesterday or the day before yesterday, that the Goobi viewer should check automatically during startup if all local message files exist and if not create empty ones. I added an internal ticket for this and we will implement that soon. This will fix the problem you had for others in the future, too! :slight_smile:


Cool, great that you will implement a fix!

And thanks to everyone for all the help we received here here :slight_smile:



@ahl.nilsen, FYI:

It was implemented the day before yesterday and it will be included in the next release so we won’t see this behavior in the future again :relaxed:

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Good work, thanks :slight_smile: